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Peter's Planters Punch

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PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2010 8:36 am    Post subject: Peter's Planters Punch Reply with quote

Peter's Planters Punch Plug... say that 10 times fast!

Read my lips. I am wholeheartedly non-commercial. Unlike almost every other rum resource (especially the Big 3, er 4), this allows me the opportunity - and pleasure - of calling a lousy altered rum...

"A lousy altered rum". Distillers cringe - who is that idiot?

I was recently asked to to create a link to Peter's Planters Punch - by no less than Steve Shaw, Jr. of SDS Enterprises, bottler and distributor, as communicated via my dear Sue Sea, my partner in rum tasting. Sue Sea loves both wine and rum and had been looking for good job in the world of spirits and/or wine.

Unlike many others she approached, Steve Shaw responded to email, spoke with her and offered her the opportunity to do both - represent both Peter's (a rum mixer) AND wine. For Steve represents not only Peter's, but also Shaw Vineyards of New York. He is a dedicated and energetic young man who operates in a the difficult world of wine and spirits sales.

Soon a case of Peter's Planters Punch appeared at our doorstep and Sue Sea set forth on the seas of spirits sales. I have now completely fulfilled the goal of full disclosure....


Peter's Planters Punch was a surprise to us both, particularly as we are sippers, not mixers of rum. When the case arrived, we quickly opened the bottle and in accord with the instructions "filled a tall glass with ice cubes and mixed PPP with 1.5 oz of rum and garnished with a lime wedge".

Not so good.

Oy vey! What now? Was Sue Sea committed to a product we didn't really like? Then we made a stunning discovery. We noticed that the secret ingredients, which include pineapple juice and natural flavorings, were pooled at the bottom of the bottle - we had poured without shaking, or stirring for that matter! So we shook the bottle and tried again, this time squeezing a half lime into the mix.

It was quite delicious, yum.

Peter's Planters Punch was really developed by a gentleman named Peter, a rum lover and sipper of fine rums and who was well aware of the history of rum. Denizens of the world of rum may know him. For nearly 150 years "Planters Punch", in its various incarnations, was THE primary way rum was consumed, and became an American Classic drink. That long history came to a relative end about the time of prohibition, and was soon replaced by the more modern "Rum and Coca Cola", a drink and song later made famous by comedian Morrey Amsterdam (who stole the song).

Until Peter and his unique Peter's Planters Punch.

Peter experimented and finally concocted what is to the best of my knowledge (your honor) the one and only Planter's Punch mix in the world. And thanks to Sue Sea, now available at Crown Wine & Spirits' 29 locations for less than five dollars.

Now, now I'm fully aware that the fresh ingredients crowd will go their own way, but the rest of us who may be seeking a unique and tasty mix for this American classic drink can now do so quickly and easily. No muss, no fuss and your guests will enjoy this famous and refreshing drink.

Steve was so pleased he soon arranged a "launch party" at the famous Bahia Mar - a grand event that included Peters, terrific hordeurves and even a Jamaican steel drum player in the lovely setting of the world famous Bahia Mar Resort in Fort Lauderdale, of course.

Pretty, pretty nice.

Our many friends and associates who attended had a wonderful time and to a person, honestly enjoyed the punch. None of them had ever tasted anything quite like it. Like all good rum drinks, the better the rum the better the drink. Personally I recommend using a good half lime, fresh squeezed, and Flor de Cana Gold (4 year) over crushed ice and shaken.

Quite nice.


For further information:
Peter's Planters Punch
Shaw Vineyards

Go to Save Caribbean Rum Petition!
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