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Rum Review: Three Island Silver Rum (Artisan)

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Capn Jimbo
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:26 am    Post subject: Rum Review: Three Island Silver Rum (Artisan) Reply with quote

Seven Brothers Erie Island Silver Rum: "Pizzelles"

As some of you know, having sold my Ft. Lauderdale home I have been visiting friends and actively shopping for a good bluewater sailboat - not as easy as you'd think. Ergo I found myself near my old hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and discovered an artisan distiller located in nearby Painesville, Ohio.

As you also know - or should - I am a big fan of artisan distillers, especially those who use traditional alembics and/or pot stills - perfect for brown spirits and typically accomplished in two runs (stripping, and spirits runs).

Painesville's Seven Brothers took another turn...

The backstory, per Seven Brothers:

"Our founder, Kevin Suttman, first attempted to make alcohol at the age of 13 years old. He spent his college years and beyond perfecting the trade with friends and family. Finally, in 2011 he decided it was time to leave the corporate world and pursue his true passion – distilling."

Seven brothers prides themselves on sourcing local ingredients to make infusions, whiskey, gin, vodka and now rum - which leads to the unusual part. Suttman built his own, low pressure, vacumn distilling setup...

Astute readers may agree with me that what we seem to have is a two-column Coffey type still and condenser, with the entire system apparently sealed and at lower pressure. Their claim:

"Our still is designed to operate under much lower than normal pressures, which lowers the boiling temperature during distillation. The lower temperatures pull through flavors which may be damaged at higher temperatures. The result is spirits with unique character and exceptional smoothness. This process enhances the flavor profile of vodka, rum, whiskey, and it is especially ideal for infusing flavors."

Now while I may not buy all of these claims (until I visit the brothers), I can comment on their Silver Rum (selling locally for about $24).

The Review

Presentation is moderen with an ovalized vertical clear glass, high shouldered and heavy based bottle (think the newer Mount Gay bottles). The vertical label is simple, and actually appropriate for a newer artisan product. The product is clear, and I will not bore you with the usual bullshit observation of legs (only appropriate for pure aged brown spirits).

Although the distiller claims to capture the overstated "middle cut", it's not clear that he has, at least in the sense of the classic alembic stilling, wherein a certain amount of heads and tails are expected. The additional heads & tails spillover is not present, and which give pot still rum their full and funky profile. However - and to Seven Brothers credit - their Silver rum is a wonderfully light product with minimal alcohol nose.

Don't get me wrong - all young spirits do exhibit a bit of ETOH nose, but it's a question of extent. This lovely light Silver's nose does not intrude, but instead reveals a light Pizzelle effect: very high citrus (lemon-lime) and a nice light vanilla. Add a touch - a touch - of black licorice and there you have it. The Silver is entirely consistent and balanced and leads - for me anyway - is a bracing, smooth white pepper, nicely glowing finish. A perfect Cuban style.

In sum, a Silver that can be enjoyed as a remarkable sipper, perhaps even moreso than a mixer, another subject.

Rating (ten is best): 8 (rated as a white rum).


Special thanks: to Barbie of YogaLife for her contribution of the tot tested. Thank you.

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