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Rum Review: Jack Tar Blended Dark Rum

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Capn Jimbo
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:25 am    Post subject: Rum Review: Jack Tar Blended Dark Rum Reply with quote

Jack Tar Dark Rum: XXXX!

It is sometimes amazing how much in syncronicity I am with the wonderful Mr. Bilgemunkey, a gentleman, er scoundrel, who knows and loves his rum. Real rum. And Jack Tar is surely one.

"Jack Tar" was a term of old, referring to the seamen of the merchant or Royal Navy, aka sea dog, gob, jack, tar, old salt et al. Seamen often smeared their clothes and even their ponytailed hair with tar to render these waterproof. Life in the British Royal Navy was neither easy nor pretty, and actually harder than the life of real pirates. Real pirate ships were remarkably democratic; life aboard say one of Nelson's ships was autocratric and downright punishing.

These seamen were in effect legalized slaves and were treated as such. They were kept at sea for many years, as they would surely desert if given half a chance. They were promised much - regular food, a possible share of the spoils and medical care - but received little. Discipline was brutal and many were worked or beaten to death by the lash, or even keelhauled or thrown to the sharks.

Like dissenters over at the Ministry, lol.

Food was rotten, water was slimy and spoiled and the work was hard and dangerous. Pirates had it much better. In port wives and prostitutes were brought aboard for a few days of rum, riot drunkenness and debauchery.

Like here at the Rum Project.

Although Jack Tar Dark Rum is far from the rough spirits and grog that gave these hardy men some pleasure, compared to most pussy Tie Dye rums, it is well named. Enough! The reviews...

Sue Sea:

Before I start, please know I may give the potent Jamaican style rums a bit less praise than they deserve. It is impossible to completely ignore my personal preference for the Cuban style, but I take my responsibility to you very seriously. Jack Tar Dark Rum comes in a classic, no-nonsense bottle. The black label is quite striking and appropriate, featuring "Jack Tar" in brilliant white, and "Blended Dark Rum" in a contrasting bloody red. A porthole reveals a pirate and his parrot. It well represents the rum within, and I liked it.

Jack Tar's aroma is a reedy, oakey leather with a bit of chardonnay sourness, a bit of deep orange citrus. It's body is medium. The front palate is a clove/cinnamon and gingery warm. This moves to a cinnamon ginger with a rindy dry apricot, and leads to a hot black peppery, licorice finish and aftertaste.

This rum reminds me of a whiskey or scotch - not a personal preference - and has a serious kick. Unlike most rums there was a definite pungency and dryness. Jack Tar is a good representative of the Jamaican style.


Jack Tar Dark Rum, like others of its genre, must be approached carefully. The first time I popped the screw cap (you are laughing aren't you?) I immediately noted its dunderlike aroma and placed it in the Jamaican style. Actually it is distilled in Jamaica and bottled in South Africa.

Jack Tar is a clear lighter amber with medium legs. Please approach it carefully and let it air. A very high nosing revealed a nice light, sweet orangy vanilla cream caramel. Go in and the Jamaican pot still dunder takes over, along with a deep tarry orange leather. The palate opens smooth and sweet - a deep, dark orange - and builds to a black licorice, astringent leather and hot white pepper mouth and throat finish and aftertaste.

This is my kind of rum, and it hasn't taken long for the bottle to diminish to mid label. The best surprise - Jack Tar Dark Rum was available for a measly $15 and has to be rated a best buy.

Pungent, powerful, sweet, dry and hot. Splice the main brace!

Rating (10 is best): Sue Sea - unrated, Jimbo - 8.

Go to Save Caribbean Rum Petition!
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