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Rum Review: Oronoco (Brazil) Rum

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 6:43 am    Post subject: Rum Review: Oronoco (Brazil) Rum Reply with quote

Oronoco Rum: "Anise Pitzel"

Oronoco is distilled in Brazil and is made with mountain grown cane juice from "Fazenda Soledade -- the home of Oronoco -- located on the lush mountain slopes of Novo Friburgo in the highlands of Rio de Janeiro state." Right next to a tire reprocessing plant. Just kiddin - doncha love marketing hype? Reports of blending in a bit aged Venezuelan molasses based rum in this product, but I'm leaving Oronoco in the agricole class just to offend rhum snobs from Martinique (who reject 97% of all other rums/rhums as "industrial alcohol").

Ignore them. Oronoco is a nice r(h)um. To the reviews:

Sue Sea:

I had the opportunity to try Oronoco rum, which is nearly clear, consistent, interesting but not at all complex. I feel this rum is an excellent choice for sipping with hors d'oeuvres. The aroma is light alcohol with an anise and licorice flair. There is a slight reedy or caney aroma. Light bodied, the taste is consistent and reflects primarily the anise and licorice. There is a lightness and crispness to this rum. Certainly not a dessert rum, very easy on the palate. The finish is smooth, very short and a with only a bit of warmth. For a clear rum Oronoco was a refreshing surprise, but unfortunately doesn't stand up to its price tag.


I have long sought to try Oronoco, especially after a top recommendation by my good friend Chef Mike of the world famous Bahia Mar Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. At his recent wedding rehearsal (at the BM) he made sure to have a snifter of Oronoco brought to Sue Sea and I.

I concur largely with Sue Sea but did find a bit of light sweetness in the aroma. Unlike most agricoles, Oronoco is not the least bit challenging and exhibits only a hint of cane. I can see this rum as being a nice easy sipper, or on the rocks. Younger readers take note: Oronoco is a great way to get laid! But not a rum to feature at any serious tasting. Don't get me wrong, Oronoco is pleasant, light, crisp and easy drinking. Great attributes, but...

So what. Sue Sea nailed it when she compared this rum to the Italian anise pitzels often found at weddings and celebrations - crisp, light and tasty. But not filling. Perfect.

A note on ratings, which unavoidably have something to do with price. Compare to say Cruzan Estate Diamond, a wonderful lighter rum widely available at about $16 and accordingly deserving of its "7" rating. Raise its price to $40 and I'd be sorely tempted to reduce the rating. Have we here? You be the judge...

Oronoco rating (10 is best): Sue Sea - 6, Me - 5. OTOH if you're tryin to get laid, it's a sexy-9, lol!


Special Note: You will find a number of reviews that find vanilla as a primary note in aroma/taste. We were so perplexed by these we made it a point to re-taste Oronoco. Heaven help us but vanilla - if present - is there only in passing for us. We stand on our reviews YMMV.

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