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Review: Brugal Anejo Rum

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How do you rate Brugal Anejo Rum as a mixer (five is best)?
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A good light sipper.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:14 am    Post subject: Review: Brugal Anejo Rum Reply with quote

Brugal Anejo Rum: "A Very Pleasant Light Lively Mixer"

This review will be mercifully brief, as Brugal Anejo is not really a sipping rum. Yet it earns a respectable "88" from BTI, and shows up on a lot of short lists for a good gold mixer. At $15 it qualifies as a decent light sipper.

Sue Sea:

We have a couple mixers on hand, the primary one being Flor de Cana 4 Gold, mostly because of its widespread acceptance, reviews and amazingly low price of just $12 (750 ml). Pretty much a must buy. Then one of Jim's work buds gave him a 375 of Brugal and here we are.

I found Brugal's aroma to be pungent and corklike, with a light oak background. Its body is light, the taste is dry, oakey (like a Chardonay wine). The finish is light peppery/clovey, with a light cigar aftertaste.


Brugal Anejo is certainly not complex, but it is not meant to be. Or is it? Brugal claims this rum is aged 5 years. Medium amber with medium legs. The aroma is a very pleasant vanilla/orange-cream caramel. Very nice. A bit of oak, and I do find Sue Sea's cork. Anejo's body is medium, its palate is smooth, lightly sweet, with some new wood. End palate is slightly astringent, moving to a short, lightly peppery finish, with a mild cigar aftertaste.

Altogether Brugal Anejo would make an entirely nice light sipper, pleasant and lively enough to be interesting. Its use as a mixer is well known - compared to Flor de Cana 4 Year, Anejo is more interesting, more lively.

Not a bad choice.

Score for sipping (10 is best): 5. As a mixer you may add a few points. A well respected, lively mixer.


Note: Actually Brugal has a fairly complete line of rums, beginning with it's "Blanco" (clear, age unknown), "Carta Dorado" (dark, 3 years), the instant rum, the "Anejo" (dark, 5 year), the "Extra Viejo" (8 years) and two very special rums - the 12 year old "Siglo de Oro" and their "Unico", claimed to be 30 years old!


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