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Rum Review: Coruba Jamaica Rum

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How do you rate Coruba Jamaican Rum for sipping (five is best)?
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:43 am    Post subject: Rum Review: Coruba Jamaica Rum Reply with quote

Coruba Jamaica Rum: "A Refreshing Dark Tropical Rum"

Yes, we know the title is a bit of a cop out, but some rums are so balanced that it's hard to find an obvious cubby hole in which to toss it. Now the fact is we expect "dark" rums to be heavy, thick and powerful in some way. Certainly not "refreshing". But this one is, ergo the title does offer some meaning and guidance. At least we hope so. The reviews:

Sue Sea:

The Coruba bottle is the most attractive of the darks. A traditional rum bottle which sports a bright, cheery, colorful and tropical label featuring a glaring rising sun, and a pair of frondy green coconut palms. You can spot the Coruba from across the room, mon! Jim and I are big fans of Jamaican and Barbadian rums and Coruba does not disappoint. Coruba lives up to its lively label.

Coruba starts with floral and high citrus (orange, apricot) aromas over a dark molasses background. Unlike Goslings, the taste is consistent and features dried apricot and pleasant bit of bourbon or whiskey alcohol. The finish is medium, and smooth but is unremarkable. Coruba leaves a nice light cigar box, whiskey aftertaste. One other note: when we then tried Coruba in a "Dark and Stormy" we picked up a hint of pineapple and tropical fruit. Perfect for this tropical rum.

This rum is all about aroma and taste, and I find it more refreshing than Goslings. Still, I had to rate it a tad lower, and I'm not sure I can tell you why. It may be because Goslings is more clearly a dark rum.

In closing, I really loved the bottle and the aroma. There is no doubt this is another aromatic Jamaican rum, that I think would also be a wonderful gift rum - colorful, attractive, refreshing that can be sipped or mixed.


It is hard to ignore trying any rum from Barbados and Jamaica, as both are home to the history of rum. Both respect and promote tradition that benefit from 200 years of dedication and expertise. It was inevitable that I would buy Coruba.

Coruba's color is a beautiful dark amber - the lightest of the darks - that is nicely highlighted by its colorful, orange label. It presented with floral and fruity aromas, and a deep molasses. I picked up a hint of vanilla. Very nice. The medium body open cool and smooth, with a nicely developing dried apricot fruit-leather (you've seen those leather-like strips of dried fruit). I was more impressed than Sue Sea with its medium finish: nice light peppery cinnamon/clove, warm and leaving a lingering molasses aftertaste. Altogether, the lightest and most balanced of the darks.

Sue Sea has rated this a "5" I believe as she sees Coruba as bordering on neither fish nor foul. There are better sipping rums, and there are more serious dark rums. OTOH, I feel there is a place for a lighter dark rum, and I must tell you that Coruba became my daily sipper for a time.

Score as a sipper (10 is best): Sue Sea - solid 5, Jimbo - 6.

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