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Welcome to the Rum Project, a journey into the wild, wacky and chaotic world of ron, rhum, most cachaca and, uh, rum. If you're like me you are now or recently were a compleat idiot regarding a spirited beverage that never really did play by the rules. It is my sincere hope and desire to bring a modicum of order to your passage into the world of rumbullion, aka kill-devil, aka Barbadoes waters.

I am Capn Jimbo and I will be your rum evangelist, your tour guide to real rum (this is where Ed Hamilton and the BTI do a spit take, lol). I have a reputation for sacrilege, satire, sexual innuendo and spirited debate. I notice things like Royalty sans clothing, and obvious facts like "that door is closed". Which of course I'm apt to open. Just what is behind the damned door anyway? Grrr...

You're about to find out. If you're beyond "Barcardi and Coke", you've likely felt intimidated by an often sycophantic cacophony of afficianados intoxicated with the tremendous diversity of a drink defined by the most minimalistic standard, namely: "...an alcoholic drink derived from the distillation of molasses or other syrups of sugarcane or of the whole sugarcane juice".

Yup, that's it - the whole enchilda. Some are, uh, pure (another spit take here) and others are adulterated til there's no tomorrow! You, my dear friend and fellow rum amateur, are faced with making sense of the hundreds, nay THOUSANDS of rums, rhums, cachacas, aguardiente de cana, charanda, et al.

And you have to do it without meaningful reference standards or real help from the super tasters who will do little more than point you to yet another "excellent rum". Compared to what? Take hope! For that is about to change...



The Rum Evangelist

Best regards...
Capn Jimbo

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