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Weekly Rum Tastings

Hi and welcome to yet another of Capn Jimbo's idiotic ideas - the Rum Project Weekly Rum Tastings. These are held on most Wednesday evenings at roughly 8 pm, EST, and are open to the rum drinking hoi polloi of Planet Earth. In other words...

All of us.

Best yet, you can participate from your summer villa, home, Motel 6 room, trailer or even from your sailboat. All ya require is a working mouth and computer - they are conducted in real time, online with all participants participating. Is that a smashing idea or what?

No rhum snobbery here I can assure you. So far we've had four tastings and we've had a blast! This writer had the unique opportunity to interview the Capn hisself...

The Interview:

Capn, it's a pleasure to finally meet you, especially after your dust-up with the Preacher of Rum. Honestly, I was expecting to a bruised and bleeding survivor, hardly the fit and smiling master of his domain that you appear.

Why thank you. In truth, the Preacher was a pushover, the flip-flopper of the world of rum. A John McCain type. He really needs a new handler. Debating with him is a matter of simply quoting one of his earlier inconsistencies. But I digress. Your next question?

Capn, can I call you Jimbo, you have a reputation for mythbusting, a rapier dry wit, and creative new website opportunities. You seem to represent the common man. Is that reputation earned?

No. And you can me Jimbo, or Liberated Jimbo if you prefer.

(flustered)Ah, er, OK Jimbo I guess I'll get back to the subject at hand, your amazing new concept of online rum tastings. You'll forgive me, but this sounds completely idiotic...

It IS idiotic - completely. Of course, after all I am well known and regarded as the Compleat Idiot of Rum. So naturally, all my ideas are those of a crackpot. But seriously, or not (laughs) my new online rum tastings are a first. It came to me when I was at one of Robert Burr's superb rum tastings down in the lovely Coral Gables section of Miami. Gas isn't cheap anymore, and even living as close as Fort Lauderdale...

(Interrupting) Yes, but...(interrupted)

...it still costs us about $30 in gas, $6 in parking, up to $40 to get in. Now don't get me wrong - these are fantastic events - but that's up to $75 to taste maybe 5 shots of rums and to nosh on some lovely soda crackers, cheese and fruit. Maybe 8 or 10 rums are served in succession in tiny plastic cups barely big enough for a large olive. Not enough time or rum for a real tasting, or meaningful comparisons. Now it IS a smashing social event, great fun, great atmosphere - and you may experience a rum you'd like to really taste later - but a true rum tasting? Not.

Still, you can't beat Miami, Cuban women and the stunning tropical settings of these events. I recommend them highly.

So what about your e-tastings?

Bout time you asked. The idea is to get a small group of idiotic cheapskates together, live, in real time and online for a real interactive tasting. And I can tell you these are fun learning opportunities where anyone, anywhere can learn tasting techniques and to really explore - in depth - the rum of the evening. Best yet, they're free! Nice!

So how can people participate?

It is ridiculously simple - just drop me an email at my address below, use a subject line like "Capn Jimbo is my hero", "What a Completely Idiotic Idea" or anything equally fawning or bizarre, and complete details may or may not be forwarded to you depending completely on my mood of the moment...

(Interrupting) But how can they be sure...(interrupted)

They can't. They're simply going to have to take a chance that I'm in the mood and that they will pass my rigorous screening procedure. I learned that from the Preacher. Nah! Just kidding, after all I'm just an idiot. Not an ass...



The Rum Evangelist

Best regards...
Capn Jimbo

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